DS Clock

DS Clock 5.1

Displays the time and date on the PC's desktop

Place a clock on your computer's screen and choose the desired time zone, the time and date format, add texts, select colors and add sounds.

DS Clock is a simple clock for your desktop. This clock, apart from showing the present time, also shows the date. The clock can be moved all across the desktop, and you can place it wherever you want. You can easily configure the clock from the options menu that appears when right-clicking on the clock and choosing Options. There you can select the display form (it includes lots of samples or you can customize it the way you want), background and text color, font, border, transparency, among other things. You can also customize the time zone, first day of the week, and first week of the year. The clock comes with a simple stopwatch, which can also be placed wherever you want on your desktop. Another useful feature is the ability to synchronize your clock with any server you want.

What is more, the clock includes ringing bells sound that is played every 15 minutes, every half hour or hourly, and you can also include your own custom sound. Also, you can customize the clock to play a sound at a certain time or from one hour to another.

The only disadvantage I found is the user interface which, although it is very easy to use, is not really attractive.

In short, DS Clock is a simple clock for your desktop, which comes with a few other options that make it worthwhile and make it a bit different to the one included in Windows.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Fully customizable
  • Comes with a stopwatch


  • Not very attractive
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